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Erocket is the online home of Dave Fowler, an experienced search engine optimisation consultant based in Gloucester.

Dave has worked in digital marketing for almost a decade, enjoying huge success in his five years as SEO Manager for the gift retailer Find Me A Gift before becoming a freelance consultant in mid-2015.

Dave has a passion for seeing SMEs succeed online, having spent the first 10 years of his life in a small family business, back in the days before the web became ubiquitous.

After a decade in the family firm Dave left to gain a marketing degree, graduating in 1995.

Trivia: Dave's final year dissertation, on the growth and future of home shopping, was written months before Amazon sold their first book online (by his own admission, Dave is no Jeff Bezos).

After University, Dave pursued a career in call centre management, working in a variety of agencies where he managed accounts as diverse as Royal Bank of Scotland, AXA PPP Healthcare, and BT OpenWorld.

In the mid-noughties Dave began to pursue ideas of becoming a freelance photographer (a long-standing passion), a highlight of this period being his work covering UK motorsport for Australian magazine Auto Action.

Trivia: Dave landed the opportunity to work closely with Australian driver Will Power during his British Formula 3 career, before Will moved on to great success in the US Indy Car series.

Dave quickly recognised the importance of a web presence, and so undertook formal training in web design. But even as he began to develop these skills he came to appreciate the importance of search engine optimisation in particular, and digital marketing in general, to ensure any website is actually found.

Dave fell in love with web design and SEO in equal measure, and found his career (and interests) firmly heading in that direction. Today, Dave has almost a decade of internet marketing behind him, two decades in sales and marketing more broadly, and declares himself an SEO geek. Want to talk search? Get in touch.


Dave's mission is to help his clients take off online, through a combination of improved search engine visibility and better website performance. But the personal touch is important too, and so Dave limits the number of projects undertaken at any one time, in order to ensure a close focus on project objectives and outcomes.

You may have an existing site that is ranking behind the competition, or a site that feels outdated or otherwise below par. Or you may not yet have a website at all, in which case we can help you to get online quickly, and with search optimisation at the forefront.

If you prefer the idea of managing your SEO yourself, but don't yet know how, we can help. Through coaching, training and clear communication we can develop your self-sufficiency, allowing you to completely self-manage SEO going forward, or to outsource only the activities you choose.

For clients without an existing website we develop top rate sites based upon the WordPress platform, a world-class framework that allows clients to take control of their own content development.

If you want your business to take off online, we want to get you there painlessly and profitably. We are Erocket. Find out how we can help you by getting in touch today. No obligation, just 100% common sense.


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