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When it comes to ranking highly in the search results, links are SEO rocket fuel.

Search engines rank websites primarily based upon their relevancy and authority, and links are currently the number one method used to assess authority.

In simple terms, when another website links to your site, it acts as a vote for your site. This is the original principle behind Google's PageRank™ concept.

But link building isn't easy, and not all links are created equal. Some are exceptionally powerful whilst others are potentially damaging, and all points in between. What matters most are the relevancy and authority – and the trustworthiness – of the page or website that links to you. No problem; we understand what to measure and what makes a link opportunity good, bad or neutral.

As powerful as link-building is for boosting authority and rankings, it is also hard work. But if search engine traffic is important to your business, it is a challenge that must be taken on.

Here at Erocket we believe that link building is a task best tackled in-house, which is why we work with our clients to coach them to self-sufficiency. But if you really don't want to tackle the task yourself? Well, no problem, we can look after your link building for you.

After years spent watching the search results artificially manipulated by low-quality link-building methods – bought links, link farms, forum spam, low-value article marketing, and only-for-SEO directory listings to name just a few – the search engines have recently started to crack down on link 'spamming'.

Their methods are increasingly aggressive and highly effective, and many sites who have benefited from 'grey' or 'black hat' techniques for years have recently been experiencing marked downturns in their rankings and therefore in traffic to their websites.

Therefore, before embarking on link-building campaign, or engaging an agency to do it for you, you should ensure you know the difference between a good and a potentially damaging link. Better still, you should understand how to grow the right, relevant links to your website.

We understand these things, so let us teach you how. Or, alternatively, make the most of our professional, ethical link-building services. We'll leave the Spam in the supermarkets.

Don't feel overwhelmed. We can help. Ready to rocket? Get in touch today. No obligation, just 100% common sense.


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