SEO Audits

If you have not yet employed search engine optimisation, or even if you have, your business could benefit hugely from a thorough, deep-dive review of your digital marketing fitness.

Your keyword targeting, website structure, backlink profile, page load speed, on-site user behaviour, technical set up and more will all have an impact upon your rankings, your reputation and the ability for your website to convert into new business. Beyond the basics, the SEO learning curve is pretty steep. But don't feel overwhelmed, we can help.

Let Erocket apply a professional eye to audit your site, and map out an action plan that will help your business take off online.

By applying our search marketing experience, and through the use of industry-leading auditing tools, we will identify what is working, what needs fixing, and then create a prioritised, easy to understand search engine optimisation action plan that you can either tackle yourself, take to another agency, or get Erocket working on right away.

We'll identify if you have any red flags needing urgent attention, and spot any quick and easy opportunities - the 'low-hanging fruit' - that can be corrected or implemented quickly.

A thorough SEO audit is an excellent way to start the process of optimising for search engines. There will be things you will feel you can address yourself, or things you want to tackle, but with expert guidance. Or you may want an SEO consultant to look after everything for you; we can help with that too.

Ready to rocket? Get in touch today to discuss your objectives, your expectations, and your business needs. No obligation, just 100% common sense.


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