SEO Training & Coaching

To many website owners, SEO is a dark and unfathomable art. No problem. For business owners or marketing departments looking to understand search engine optimisation, to learn what works and what doesn't, the pitfalls and the opportunities, to become SEO self-sufficient, we can help.

Get Erocket on board and we can provide one-to-one coaching or tailored group training packages, offered either as a standalone service or in parallel with an overhaul of your existing SEO. We are SEO geeks, so whatever your needs, we'd love to help. Get in touch today.

What We Cover

The following is a list of the kind of topics we cover on a one-day training course, however the actual training plan will be tailored to your specific needs and existing understanding.

Anatomy of a Search Results Page

Paid vs organic

Universal search

Ranking position & traffic

Influencing click-through rate

How Search Works

Crawling, indexing and caching

Authority, relevancy & user behaviour

Why SEO matters

Types of Searcher

Navigational searches

Informational searches

Transactional searches

Overview of Ranking Factors

Known ranking factors

Debated ranking factors

Search trends

Keyword Research

Research tools

User intent

Head, mid- and long-tail queries


Alternative spellings & abbreviations

Semantic search

Where and how to employ keywords

'Keyword cannibalisation'

The Erocket workflow

On-Page SEO

Keyword mapping & information architecture


Meta titles and tags

Internal linking & anchor text


Image alt tags

Link title tags

Page layout & SEO

Page 'depth'

Off-Page SEO

Why links matter

Anatomy of a link

Anchor text and topic relevancy

Domain and page authority

Link positioning

Link neighbourhoods

Anchor text distribution

Followed versus nofollowed links

Link-building strategies

Citations & co-citation

Social media & SEO

Competitor behaviour

Technical Considerations

Page load speed


Site maps

Crawl issues

Canonical tags

Measuring Results

What to monitor & measure

Google tools

Rankings vs traffic

User behaviour

Common Mistakes & Malpractice



Duplicate content

Links - the good, the bad, the ugly

Hidden content

Other Considerations

Conversion rate optimisation

Monitoring negative SEO

Emerging Trends

Local search

Social signals

Other ways people search

Benefits of Erocket SEO Training

Places the focus firmly on your business.

Includes examples of good and bad practice from your own industry.

Builds upon what you are already doing.

Brings you up to speed on core SEO concepts, tools, and techniques.

Leaves you with a list of actions and milestones.

Don't feel overwhelmed. We can help. No obligation, just 100% common sense. Ready to rocket? Get in touch today.


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