Web Analytics

One of the most powerful benefits of internet marketing over traditional marketing is the greater availability of user data, and the ability to more accurately measure the performance of your web marketing. As a minimum, website owners should have Google Analytics installed; it’s free to use and very powerful.

You can delve into Analytics as broadly or as deeply as you like. At the most basic level you can quantify metrics such as the number of visitors to your site, which pages they visited most, and how many people bounce off the site (i.e. view just a single page and then leave – generally not a good thing). At a more advanced level you can set up and track conversion funnels to identify where sales or enquiries are being lost.

With Analytics the (data) world is your oyster. Check out some of the useful web analysis resources below to take your understanding further. Need help setting Analytics up? We can help – get in touch.

Useful Tools

Google Trends For Websites
Replace the displayed URL (wikipedia.org) with the website(s) you wish to investigate, using commas to compare multiple websites. All traffic statistics are estimates, and no actual figures are presented, but this report provides some broad insights into comparable traffic between websites. Read more information from Google here.

This site offers free (and paid) internet research tools that allow quick visibility of the technology and services used by yours and your competitors’ websites.


SEO KPIs to Track with Google Analytics
A useful rundown of business critical, important, and ‘good to know’ KPIs and how to track them in GA.

9 Step SEO Checkup Using Google Webmaster Tools
How to gain intelligent and actionable insights into your website’s SEO performance using the latest Google Webmaster Tools.

How To Guides

Export Multiple Rows in Analytics
A useful trick to overcome the 500 row export limitation for Analytics reports.

Exclude Internal Traffic
How to exclude internal traffic from your Google Analytics reports.

Read a Web Site Log File
Web server log files contain information that you simply cannot get anywhere else. From Conversation Marketing here is a useful post on the whys and hows of reading a basic log file.


Google Back to Basics series
Useful information for beginners and intermediate level analytics folks.

Meaningful SEO metrics
An overview of the metrics available to SEOs and where to find them.

Internal Site Search Analysis
A useful post from Avinash Kaushik on the insights and actions arising from user bahaviour for the search feature on your website.

26 Plugins, Hacks and Tricks
A collection of Google Analytics plugins, hacks and tricks, compiled by Bryan Eisenberg.

Recommended Blogs

Occam’s Razor
The official blog of Analytics maestro Avanash Kaushik. Written with insight and passion, and an exercise in quality over content. Highly recommended.

Google Analytics Blog
Authoritive blog on Google Analytics.

FutureNow’s marketing conversion rate optimization blog contains regular posts on getting the most from Analytics.