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If your website is looking a little dated, or you have yet to get online, talk to us about our bespoke web design services. We build websites that not only look great, they are search engine-friendly from the outset.

Whether you need a clean, simple brochure website, or a website that you can take control of - one to which you can add and edit content at your own convenience - we can help. And we can get you there quickly, cost-effectively, and above all, beautifully.

Flexibility Built In

If you need a site that gives you total control over your content, we build in WordPress, a powerful and highly-flexible web design and content management platform that now powers around a quarter of new websites.

We use industry-leading premium WordPress themes - renowned for their clean code, SEO-friendly structure, and robust nature - and adapt them to your specific needs.

We love WordPress and we think you'll love it too. This popular design platform mixes flexibility, beauty, and scalability into a class-leading web development framework. Put more simply, it just works. It’s quick, and it gives you control once the website goes live.

For brochure-style sites requiring fewer future changes, we recommend a site built using the Skeleton platform (the same platform this site is built upon), a smart, clean and adaptable framework that allows us to create fast-loading, robust sites that look and work great.

Mobile Friendly Design

Whichever platform we employ, your website will be mobile-friendly, meaning the design will adapt to different devices (desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile) and different web browsers.

This means that, whether your potential customers are using a smartphone, iPad or other tablet, or their Mac or PC, they'll still enjoy a great experience on your site.

If you don't have a mobile strategy, you don't have a future strategy

- Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman

A mobile-responsive website doesn't just make sense from a usability point of view, either. The statement above was made back in 2012, and as of April 2015 Google finally began to acknowledge mobile-friendly design as an influence on search engine rankings too. An Erocket website addresses these considerations.

Single Design Philosophy

We develop sites using a single design philosophy, critical to getting you online quickly and cost effectively.

We also adopt a single web design philosophy, because we believe this achieves the best marriage of cost, speed and impact. It works because it keeps costs down, avoids wasted effort, gets you online quickly, avoids compromising the end result, and helps communication.

We Keep Costs Down

Building multiple different designs only increases costs, and who absorbs those costs (clue: it’s never the designer). Our single design philosophy avoids the need to pass unnecessary costs on to our clients.

We Avoid Wasted Effort

Creating multiple alternative designs only means that the alternatives to the winning design are discarded. The cost and creativity invested in them wasted.

We Get You Live Quickly

The single design philosophy speeds up the process of getting online. More choice takes more time to plan and code and often leads to indecision, delay and protracted discussion. This means you get online late, losing the opportunity to land new business and giving competitors the upper hand.

We Keep Frankenstein At Bay

The provision of alternative designs can sometimes result in a single design that borrows the ‘best bits’ from them all. But this is not a recipe for success; instead it commonly leads to a compromised appearance, what is known as a ‘Frankenstein design’. We protect our clients from this. Good design is informed by many subtle rules, and that balance is easily spoilt when previously unrelated design elements are combined together. The design becomes less effective in ways that can be difficult to pin down. Frankenstein’s rightful place is in the pages of Mary Shelley’s novel, not on the pages of your website.

We Improve Communication

In our experience, building and then tweaking a single core design improves the quality and effectiveness of the communication between client and designer. The optimal design – the one that best suits the customer – is reached quicker. Everyone wins.

Our Web Design Process

It all starts with the design brief. As well as being an opportunity for us to get to know your business better, and to introduce Erocket, our brief will cover specific strategic pointers such as:

How you wish to be portrayed (how formal or informal)

Your audience and objectives (what will success look like)

What the website will be promoting (services, products, events, information)

Design cues (such as preferred colour palette and examples of websites you admire)

Who will be creating the content (will you need copywriting services or write in-house).

Whether SEO is required (it is more efficient to build SEO into a site at the outset)

Time frame (how quickly are you looking to go live)

Once we’ve quoted and you’ve given us the go ahead, we can then put our efforts into developing a smart, persuasive and appropriate design. Of course, tweaks can always be made, but we aim to get the core design right first time. Once everything is ready, and you are happy, we go live.

Need a website built or rebuilt? Contact Erocket today and let us help your business take off online. No obligation, just 100% common sense.


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